Curriculum Intent

We recognise the importance of positive relationships between children, staff and families. We provide a safe, stimulating and exciting environment both indoors and out which is developmentally appropriate and tuned in to children’s interests.

We offer a creative curriculum which encourages confidence, resilience and promotes active learning. We offer provocations which provide opportunities for children to develop their own thinking alongside enhancements and enrichments that provide awe and wonder.

We recognise that consistent daily routines and key workers ensure that children feel safe, secure and well-supported in school. The nursery environment and nurturing ethos allows for each child to be seen as an individual and diversity is celebrated.

From entry into our play care provision children engage with purposeful play with a strong emphasis on personal, social and emotional development. Social interaction is at the heart of what we do and a focus on speaking, listening and early learning preparing children for school life throughout nursery.

We offer an inclusive environment and a dedicated SEND resource base which is appropriate for children with the highest needs. This is complemented by a specially built adjacent sensory room complete with quality sensory equipment.

There is a strong emphasis on active learning both indoors and out for all of the children in school. The emphasis is on play and learning through play. Staff  are ambitious for every child and provide learning opportunities that promote success and achievement.

Our curriculum is rich in opportunities for early reading, early maths and knowledge of the world. Real experiences are offered which enhance creativity and the indoor /outdoor environment promotes physical development and independent learning.